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This CD contains the following materials:

Massive microfilm catalogues

Native American Microfilm Catalog of the National Archives Southwest Region (Fort Worth); National Archives Native American Microfilm Catalogue; Oklahoma Historical Society (OHS) Archives and Manuscripts Microfilm Collection catalogue. The OHS Archives alone has several million manuscript pages, plus thousands of photographs and taped interviews. This section contains a comprehensive catalogue of the Archives microfilm holdings for purchase.

Individual Indian Monies program

A list of over 50,000 "missing" Indians due money from the Individual Indian Monies program; Native American directory with important addresses for tribes and more; Indian question and answer section with helpful information from the Bureau of Indian Affairs.

Scanned Books

Scanned books that are useful for genealogy research include the massive D.C. Gideon's Indian Territory: Descriptive Biographical and Genealogical (1901), a collection selling for $400.00 when in print; O'Beirnes The Indian Territory: It's Chiefs, Legislators and Leading Men (1892); Dewitz's Notable Men of Indian Territory (1904-05).

Chilocco Indian School records

Names and info on the 18,700+ Native Americans schooled at this Northern Oklahoma secondary school from 1880 to 1984.

Campbells Abstract of Creek Indian Census Cards Index

In 1915 J.B. Campbell constructed for the first time a complete book index and listing from the Creek Dawes Roll. The abstract contained the Creek member's roll number, name, age, sex, blood degree, name of persons in the household, and residential address. Available here is the index only of this book which shows the complete name and their roll number, which aids in grouping families. Contains a key to the index and instructions for remote access to the original book. The Creek Dawes Roll is important because many Americans who think they are of Cherokee descent are actually of Creek Federation descent.

Campbells Abstract of SEMINOLE Indian Census Cards

This is the book and index, constructed by J.B. Campbell as well, based on the Seminole Dawes Roll. It contains the persons name, roll number, census card number, address, age, sex, relation, name of father, name of mother, and more! Additionally, contains a Seminole Freedman section, which should be of particular interest to African American genealogists.

Three years Among the Comanche

While not specifically useful for genealogy research, this book contains perhaps the most accurate and telling picture of Comanche life in the 1840's. Nelson Lee was a Texas Ranger who was captured by the Comanches and spent three years in captivity, prior to escape. Lee was eventually adopted into the tribe before his escape, and his personal narrative of Comache customs, waring, marriage and death, medicine, and particularly the plight of captive White women and children weave a fascinating cultural and historical narrative. In fact, part of the impetus for the publication of the book was the editor's concern over the large number of White women and children the Comanche held captive as American's moved west.

Cherokee Land Lottery, Fortunate Drawers

This 1838 book contains the names of 742 White Revolutionary war pensioners, widows, or orphans who received through lottery, ceded Cherokee lands in Georgia. Contains name, location, county, district, section, and lot number. Fully cross-indexed.

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