• Carter Family

    Carter Genealogy

    "Among the prominent families of the historic Old Dominion, illustrious in colonial days for personal worth and talent, for their distinguished social position, for the prestige that came from the possession of high political office, and for the consideration that attached to the ownership of large landed estates, none took precedence over the Carters"

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  • Native American

    Native American Genealogy

    "If I had known that Jackson would drive us from our homes, I would have killed him that day at the Horseshoe." - Cherokee Chief Janaluska, who saved Andrew Jackson's life and made him a national hero

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  • Americana


    "One of the most gripping war accounts you'll ever read!"

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  • Genealogy

    Genealogy Tutorial

    This Native American and Cherokee Genealogy tutorial will serve to educate and illuminate, in order to equip you to conduct effective, focused, Native American, but primarily, Cherokee genealogy research.

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  • Pictures

    Pictures to Share

    Dickerson, Deweese, Belcher, Turner, and other Genealogy and Old Pictures I'll Share

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Since 1997, rare Carter family and Native American Genealogy

Take a quick peek at some of the latest items available, ranging from Carter family genealogy, to Cherokee and Native American history, to gripping, first-hand accounts of the Civil War.